Curriculum Vitae


ADDRESS:            Department of Economics
                                  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
                                  110 8th Street, Troy NY 12180-3590


BIRTH DATE:      November 14, 1945


EDUCATION:     PhD, Economics, University of Chicago, 1976
                                 MA, Economics, University of Chicago, 1969
                                 BA (Magna cum Laude), University of New Mexico, 1967

FIELDS:                Technical Change & Growth, Labor, Public Economics

EXPERIENCE:    Visiting Professor, Department of Economics,
                                 University of Maryland-College Park, March 2011-August 2011

                                 ASA/NSF Senior Research Fellow, Bureau of Economic Analysis,                                                                                         Washington, DC: September 2010-March 2011

                                 Affiliated Faculty, Department of Economics, University at Albany,                                                                                  Albany, New York, September 2009-Present

                                 Head, Department of Economics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,                                                                                   Troy, NY: August 2006-August 2008

                                 Professor of Economics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,
                                 Troy, NY: August 2003-Present

                                 Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research,                                                                                                  Cambridge, Massachusetts: October 1995-present

                                 Professor of Economics, University of Florida,
                                 Gainesville, Florida: May 1988-August 2003

                                 Visiting Senior Economist, CES, U.S. Bureau of the Census,                                                                                                    Suitland, Maryland: August 1991-August 1993

                                 Visiting Professor of Business Economics, Graduate School                                                                                                   of Business, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois,
                                 September 1988-August 1989

                                 ASA/NSF Senior Research Fellow, Bureau of Labor Statistics,
                                 Washington, DC: August 1987-August 1988

                                 Associate Professor of Economics, University of Florida,                                                                                                         Gainesville, Florida: August 1982-May 1988

                                 Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Florida,
                                 Gainesville, Florida: August 1979-June 1982

                                 Assistant Professor of Economics, Iowa State University,                                                                                                         Ames, Iowa: September 1975-June 1979

HONORS:             NIMH Trainee Award, 1974-1975
                                 Ford Foundation Fellowship, 1971-1973
                                 NDEA Title IV Fellowship, 1968-1969
                                 Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, 1967-1968
                                 Phi Beta Kappa, 1967

IMPACT:              Over 4,400 citations, with a strong pipeline of articles and books

INTERESTS:      Panel Data, Limited Dependent Variables

PUBLICATIONS:   “The Structure and Performance of U.S. Research Joint Ventures:
                                Inferences and Implications from a Federal R&D Program”
                                (With Albert N. Link), forthcoming, Economics of Innovation
                                and New Technology

                                “How Rapidly Does Science Leak Out? A Study of the Diffusion                                                                                            of Fundamental Ideas” (With J. Roger Clemmons), Journal of                                                                                              Human Capital 7 (Fall 2013): 191-229

                                “The Role of Search in University Productivity: Inside, Outside,
                                and Interdisciplinary Dimensions,” (With J. Roger Clemmons),
                                Industrial and Corporate Change 20 (February 2011): 215-251

                                “Is the U.S. Losing Its Preeminence in Higher Education?” in
                                Charles T. Clotfelter, editor, American Universities in a Global
                                Market, University of Chicago Press for NBER, May 2010, pp. 33-68

                                Capturing Knowledge: The Location Decision of New PhDs
                                Working in Industry,” (With Albert J. Summell and Paula E. Stephan)
                                in Richard B. Freeman and Daniel Goroff, editors, Science and
                                Engineering Careers in the U.S., University of Chicago Press
                                for NBER, June 2009, pp. 257-287

                                “The Growing Allocative Inefficiency of the U.S. Higher Education Sector”                                                                    (With J. Roger Clemmons) in Richard B. Freeman and Daniel Goroff,
                                editors, Science and Engineering Careers in the U.S.,
                                University of Chicago Press for NBER, June 2009, pp. 349-382

                                “Public Technology Infrastructure, R&D Sourcing, and Research Joint                                                                              Ventures,” (With Mircea Marcu and Andrew Wang), Economics of                                                                                    Innovation and New Technology 17 (October 2008): 633-650

                                “Science and Industry: Tracing the Flow of Basic Research through
                                Manufacturing and Trade” (With J. Roger Clemmons), Economics of                                                                                Innovation and New Technology 17 (July 2008): 473-495

                                “Recent Trends in U.S. Science and Engineering: Challenges,
                                Implications, and Opportunities,” Perspectives on U.S.
                                Competitiveness in Science and Technology, RAND
                                Conference Proceedings, 2007

                                “Learning, Internal Research, and Spillovers,” Economics of
                                Innovation and New Technology 15 (January 2006): 5-36

                                “Standing on Academic Shoulders: Measuring Scientific Influence
                                in Universities,” (With J. Roger Clemmons and Paula E. Stephan),
                                Les Annales d’Economie et de Statistique 79/80 (2005): 61-90

                                “Firm Placement of New PhDs: Implications for Knowledge Transfer,”
                                (With P.E. Stephan, A.J. Summell, and G.C. Black), in Dirk Fornahl,
                                Christian Zellner, and David B. Audretsch, ed.: The Role of Labour
                                Mobility and Informal Networks for Knowledge Transfer
                                Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2005

                                “Scientific Teams and Institutional Collaborations: Evidence from U.S.                                                                            Universities, 1981-1999,” (with Grant Black, J. Roger Clemmons, and                                                                              Paula E. Stephan), Research Policy 34 (April 2005): 259-285

                                “Industrial R&D Laboratories: Windows on Black Boxes?”
                                Journal of Technology Transfer 30 (January 2005): 129-137
                                (Reprinted in Albert N. Link and F. Michael Scherer, editors:
                                Essays in Honor of Edwin Mansfield, Springer, 2005)

                                “Doctoral Education and Economic Development: The Flow of New
                                PhDs to Industry,” (With Paula E. Stephan, A. J. Sumell, and
                                Grant C. Black), Economic Development Quarterly
                                18 (May 2004): 151-167

                                “The Influence of Federal Laboratory R&D on Industrial Research,”
                                (With Eric P. Chiang and Jeffrey L. Jensen), Review of Economics
                                and Statistics 85 (November 2003): 1003-1020

                                “Comparative Localization of Academic and Industrial Spillovers,”
                                The Journal of Economic Geography 2 (July 2002): 253-278
                                (Reprinted in Stefano Breschi and Franco Malerba, editors:
                                Clusters, Networks, and Innovation, Oxford University Press,

                                “Survey of Foreign Recipients of U.S. PhD’s,” (With Paula E.
                                Stephan, Grant Black and Sharon Levin) Science 295
                                (March 22, 2002): 2211-2212

                                “Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers,”
                                (With Eric P. Chiang and Katara Starkey) Journal of Technology
                                Transfer 26 (January 2001): 73-86

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                                and Skill Bias,” The Review of Economics and Statistics 81
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                                “Research Productivity in a System of Universities,”
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                                49/50 (1998): 127-162 (Reprinted in David Encaoua, editor:
                                The Economics and Econometrics of Innovation, Springer, 2000)

                                “Bounding the Effects of R&D: An Investigation Using Matched
                                Establishment-Firm Data,” (with Adam B. Jaffe), RAND Journal
                                of Economics,
27 (Winter 1996): 700-721

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                                Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 93
                                (November 1996): 12664-12670

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                                (with Adam B. Jaffe), in Management of Technology and Regional
                                Development in a Global Environment: An International
                                Perspective, London: Paul Chapman, 1995

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Choice 62 (July 1989): 1-13

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                                 Economics 9 (March 1978): 59-71

PROGRESS:       “Determinants of the Quality and Price of Innovative
                                 Industrial Products: Evidence from the Disk Drive Industry”

                                 “Invention and Discovery in Science-Based Firms,”
                                 (with J. Roger Clemmons)

                                 “Theorems, Lemmas, and Apps: The Making of Industrial Software,”
                                 (with Ameya M. Haté)

                                 “The Evolution of U.S. Science and Technology Networks”
                                 (with J. Roger Clemmons and Ameya M. Haté)

                                 “Universities and Economic Growth” (with Ameya M. Haté)

                                 “Knowledge, Networks, and Research Productivity:
                                 A Study of Materials Science Engineering,” (with Ameya M. Haté)

                                “Shocks to U.S. Science and Technology: Four Episodes from History,”
                                (with Ameya M. Haté)

RECEIVED:         “Knowledge, Networks, and the Productivity of Scientists and
                                 Engineers: Individual Research Histories and Social Capital,”
                                 (with Malik Magdon-Ismail), National Science Foundation,
                                 2011-2017, $812,821

                                 “Technological Determinants of the Quality and Price of
                                 Innovative Industrial Products,” American Statistical Association/
                                 National Science Foundation/Bureau of Economic Analysis,
                                 2010-2011, $100,000

                                 “American Universities in a Global Market,” National Bureau
                                 of Economic Research, 2007-2008, $6,700 plus travel

                                 “Perspectives on U.S. Competitiveness in Science and Technology,”
                                 RAND Corporation, 2006-2007, $5,000 plus travel

                                 “Knowledge Creation from Advanced Technology Program
                                 Projects: Analysis of Participants’ Patents and Scientific Papers,”
                                 2003-2006, $274,334

                                 “Patterns of Research Productivity in U.S. Universities,”
                                 National Bureau of Economic Research/Alfred P. Sloan Foundation,
                                 2002-2004, $32,132

                                 “Mapping and Evaluating Science: Tracing the Linkages between
                                 Universities, Sciences, and Firms” (with Paula E. Stephan),
                                 Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, 2000-2004, $510,000

                                 “Government Technology Policy and Firm Behavior:
                                 A Comparative Study of Advanced Technology Program
                                 Affiliates,” National Institute of Standards and Technology,
                                 1999-2000, $65,000

                                 “Ideas, Inventions, and Regions,” National Science Foundation,
                                 1995-1997, $178,000

                                 “Science, Technological Diffusion, and the International
                                 Competitiveness of U.S. Industry,” U.S. Department of Commerce,
                                 1991-1993, $170,000

                                 “Fundamental Stocks of Knowledge and Productivity Growth,”
                                 American Statistical Association/National Science Foundation/
                                 Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1987-88, $76,000

                                 “Permanent Differences in Unemployment Rates and Permanent
                                 Wage Differentials,” 1979-81, U.S. Department of Labor, $17,000

                                 “Econometric Investigation of Intergenerational Transfers,”
                                 National Science Foundation, 1977-79, $9,000

PAPERS:                 “Measuring Science and Technology in Firms,” Working Paper,
                                 Advanced Technology Program, September 2006

                                “A Guide to R&D Data at the Center for Economic Studies, U.S. Bureau
                                of the Census,” (with SuZanne Peck), 1994

                                “Restructuring Research and Development Statistics at Census: A
                                Blueprint for Change,” (with Elinor Champion), 1993

                                “A Proposal for Changing the Structure and Conduct of the Census-NSF
                                R&D Survey,” 1992